‘Vote for Jeannette Rankin’ on the Quarter Campaign Underway

In commemoration of Jeannette Rankin’s birthday on June 11, the Jeannette Rankin Foundation is encouraging all Montanans to vote to have her image on the quarter under the American Women Quarters Program.

Karen Sterk with the Jeannette Rankin Foundation has details.

“There is a campaign to put 20 different women on the quarter,” said Sterk. “There’s a form you can fill out and nominate people and we of course, think Jeannette Rankin should be on the quarter because she’s the first woman in Congress and such a trailblazer.”

Sterk continued with the familiar story of Montana native Jeannette Rankin.

“She was the only woman to vote on giving women the vote and she served in Congress two times,” she said. “She was not only the first, but she was also an advocate for social justice and racial justice, through her through her whole life for women and children, working on the laws as a lobbyist between her terms in Congress. So we just think she should be on the quarter.”

Sterk said two women have already been chosen out of 20 quarters available.

“They’ve decided on two women; Sally Ride and Maya Angelou so far, and they’re soliciting nominations,” she said. “Well, its Jeannette Rankin’s birthday

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