Virtue Flaunting in a London Church


Posted: Oct 07, 2021 4:30 PM

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Washington — I have been in London visiting old friends, keeping up with changes in our alliance system — among which were last week’s developments in the alliance of the English-speaking peoples called Aukus — and going to church. Yes, church! Seriously, I am at that age when I hear Him calling. I have actually been at that age for a while now, but in recent years, His calls have become more insistent. So I stop in at beautiful edifices raised over the centuries to our Lord and let the chips fall where they may. Some people refer to it as taking Pascal’s wager. That is to say I am betting that there is an all-powerful God, living a good life as He desires us to and accepting the reward he offers us. If there is no reward, what have I lost? I still led a good life, minus a few insults along the way.

When I am in London, among the

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