Virginia hopeful Terry McAuliffe repeats misleading and false statements about budget

Democratic candidate for governor in Virginia Terry McAuliffe is being called out for false and misleading statements regarding the state’s budget.

McAuliffe, who previously served as the state’s governor from 2014-2018, is running again for the position. He won the Democratic primary on Tuesday, besting four other candidates ahead of November’s election. 

The Democrat is now coming under fire due to a series of inaccurate statements he has made over the years regarding the state’s budget. During his term as governor, McAuliffe repeatedly claimed that he “inherited a large deficit” of $2.4 billion from the previous Republican administration. 

Independent fact-checker Politifact has rated his claims as “False” three separate times – twice in 2015 and most recently in 2019 – stating that it was not possible for the Democrat to inherit a deficit when Virginia’s state constitution requires a balanced budget.

“No doubt, McAuliffe faced tough financial conditions. But he did not inherit a $2.4 billion deficit from Republicans, as he’s been saying for years. We rate his statement False,” said Politifact.

However, during the first 48 hours after winning the Democratic primary earlier this week, McAuliffe repeated the false statement to MSNBC‘s Chuck Todd saying, “I inherited the largest deficit from Republicans,” and also during an interview on Gray

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