VICTOR DAVIS HANSON: The Left Should Be Happy With Biden

The Left should be ecstatic that President Joe Biden has given them everything they wanted.

The Left likes inflation. It reduces the value of old money by printing lots of new money. Those richer who have it, lose the value of their money; those poorer who don’t have any money, suddenly do.

When combined with low interest rates, inflation roars even louder. Not since former President Jimmy Carter has a Democrat been so insistent on inflating the money supply.

For decades, the Left has amplified former Energy Secretary Steven Chu’s 2008 dream that the government must spike fuel costs up to European levels. That was seen as the best way to force unsophisticated Americans to quit burning gas and transition to renewable energy. Biden took that sermon seriously.

He canceled federal energy leases. He shut down drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. He canceled pipelines and warned the oil industry its days were numbered. Biden has done more than any other Democrat to ensure fossil fuels were unaffordable, forcing America’s supposedly unthinking consumers to drive less or consider ditching their gas-engine cars altogether.

The hard American Left always wanted unlimited illegal immigration. Biden agreed and has been lax on security at

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