VICTOR DAVIS HANSON: America Wakes Up To Woke

Wokeness was envisioned as a new reboot of the coalition of the oppressed.

Those purportedly victimized by traditional America would find “intersectional” solidarity in their victimhood owing to the supposed sexism, racism, homophobia, transphobia, and other alleged American sins, past and present.

The so-called white male heterosexual victimizing class was collectively to be held responsible for their sinful triad of white “rage,” “supremacy,” and “privilege.”

Class considerations became passe. The Duchess of Sussex, and the billionaires Oprah Winfrey and LeBron James, shared grievances against all whites, whether they hailed from Martha’s Vineyard or impoverished East Palestine, Ohio.

A bicoastal elite would draft the woke agenda and the oppressed would follow as ordered.

That top-down blueprint would embrace massive multibillion-dollar reparations to blacks.

In lockstep, all victims would rally around a Green New Deal that mandated high energy costs to discourage consumption of fossil fuels.

The new transgender canon mandated three sexes. Sex is socially rather than biologically determined. And there is a large, oppressed, and transgender population, which presents the next great civil rights struggle for America.

Historical wokeism lodged a list of grievances against the supposedly flawed American past. Indicting the dead required statues to be toppled. Names had to

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