Vehicle Weight Limit in Place for Missoula’s Beartracks Bridge

The construction project that began on what was then known as the Higgin’s Bridge has made all kinds of headlines since the project got underway. One initial topic of conversation was about how construction would interfere with the Missoula Marathon and the homestretch to the finish line, located right by the Wilma at the start of the bridge. Of course, that didn’t really come into play thanks to COVID wiping out marathon weekend both this year and last.

Then we had the story of how the bridge would get a new name, followed by the story of how surface temperatures were so hot on the bridge that a sign went up to warn pedestrians about the possibility of burning their dogs’ paws by walking over it. It didn’t take long for a fix to be put in place – as a new coat of paint was put down to help keep surface temps at an acceptable level. So yep, there’s been some buzz going on with the bridge over the last few months.

The latest bit of bridge banter is that the Montana Department of Transportation just put a 10-ton weight limit into effect. For comparison, an article from NBC MONTANA says

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