Urban Scrawl: Girl Scout cookies, P-Heads and riverfront condos (yes, more)

Welcome to Urban Scrawl, my place to unwind from a long week of covering Missoula politics, and your place to get some more background on what’s been going on this week. On the docket: Girl Scout cookies, the PaddleHeads and more riverfront condos.

It’s riverfront condo season

This is now my fourth edition of Urban Scrawl, and it is the fourth time I’ve been able to write about riverfront condos. At this rate, newly proposed riverfront condo projects may soon outnumber Nick Checota-owned music venues.

But it’s the first time those proposed condos are threatening historic buildings.

This week, behind a nondescript agenda item about vacating right-of-way, Missoula City Council members heard from developers about a 40- to 48-unit condo project on a block behind Bridge Pizza. The project would see, from what I can tell, six houses demolished on the block to make way for the “empty-nester” condos.

Anyone familiar with the area will recognize the row of three brick houses overlooking the river, as well as another larger brick house built in the 1890s next to it.

Council members asked at the Wednesday meeting if

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