UPDATED: Holloway ahead of Reneau in Justice of the Peace race Dept. 2

Zoe Buchli

Landee Holloway was ahead of challenger Susan Reneau on Wednesday morning for the Justice of the Peace Dept. 2 race.

Holloway held the lead with 57.19% of the counted votes while Reneau had 28.05%. Vote counts as of 12:30 a.m. on Wednesday were 28,421 for Holloway and 13, 939 for Reneau.

There are 5,5000 more ballots left to count as of early Wednesday morning, according to an update from the county. Counting is expected to resume at 10 a.m.

Holloway has served as a Justice of the Peace in Missoula for six years, taking an approach on the bench with jail diversion tactics and to reduce repeat offenses.

This is Reneau’s first stab at a judicial position. She doesn’t have experience in the criminal justice field, but emphasized her work advocating for veterans and victims in the legal system.

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In campaigning, both Reneau and Holloway focused on how DUI cases that land in court are handled. In her time as a justice, Holloway implemented ROAD Court — an alternative criminal justice path for people accused of alcohol-related traffic offenses.

Reneau has expressed frustration with impaired drivers. One

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