Update: State does about-face on specialty plate extension


The Bitter Root Humane Association was one of 85 nonprofits that had their specialty license plates revoked recently due to new rules that required that a minimum of 400 plates to be on the vehicles. The Humane Association was short 23 plates to meet the minimum. 

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State Sen. Jill Cohenour announced Thursday afternoon the Department of Justice has decided it will offer an extension after all to nonprofits that had been told their specialty license plates would be revoked. 

Earlier Thursday, Montana Vehicle Services Bureau Chief Joann Loehr had said the state looked at its options for providing an extension to 85 nonprofits that learned their specialty license plates were recently revoked, and initially decided it did not have the statutory authority to do so.

The plates were revoked for not meeting the minimum number of 400 in circulation required under state law.

Some organizations were just short of that number when they were notified in a Jan. 31 letter that said their plates were discontinued. The organizations were told they would have to wait four years before applying again.

Many said

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