Untruth and Consequences

In a terribly unsettled time in American history, there are a few voices on both sides of the political aisle calling for “healing” and “unity.” To say that these are desperately needed is an understatement. But merely wishing for it will not make it so.

To use an analogy of bodily illness, just as physical healing is not possible without an accurate diagnosis of the ailment, there can be no political healing without truth. And, just as an accurate diagnosis is a prerequisite to the successful combination of all available treatment methodologies, there can be no national “unity” when large swaths of the country are being deceived — or rationally believe they are.

In fact, a free and civilized society cannot survive at all without a firm commitment to the truth, deeply ingrained in and exemplified by its most fundamental institutions, including government, law enforcement, educational institutions and the national media (broadcast, social and otherwise).

The conflict, anger and widespread resentment we are seeing now are the consequences of abandoning honesty in favor of hyperbole, hypocrisy and hysteria for political gain. Contrary to the popular narrative, this is not recent and did not originate under President Donald Trump or because

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