University of Montana students write original musical purpose-built for a pandemic


“There’s potential in trying,” a character says in “Welcome to the Void.”

It’s something of a theme and mission statement for the new musical.

The show was written by two students in the University of Montana School of Theatre & Dance as a solution to a problem: How can they produce theater during a pandemic, and what can they produce with social distancing?

The show, which debuts this week, is a “celebration of how we can make things happen when we all decide to, you know, try together. That’s a line in the show. There’s potential in trying,” said Jane Best, a co-creator of the musical.

University of Montana theater professor John Kenneth DeBoer works with master’s candidate Jane Best as they film a trailer for “Welcome to the Void,” a musical co-created by Best.

TOM BAUER, Missoulian

Best is pursuing a master’s degree in music direction, and her collaborator, Elli Caterisano, is an MFA candidate in acting.

They wrote the story from scratch last year knowing that there would be limitations on how they could stage it, and more likely

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