University of Montana doctor accused of spreading COVID misinformation

Complaints leveled against a medical doctor with the University of Montana’s physician training program for spreading misinformation about the COVID pandemic — among other inflammatory comments — have prompted discussions about freedom of speech.

Dr. Justin Buls has been subject to “timeouts” on Facebook for spreading misinformation regarding the COVID pandemic and calling for Dr. Anthony Fauci to be “executed for the crimes he has committed on humanity,” as first reported by the Daily Montanan.

At one point, Buls’ profile picture on Facebook displayed a swastika made of syringe needles.

In several of his posts he likens mask requirements in schools to child abuse. At least four of his posts within the last year have been flagged by fact checkers for false or partly false information. 

In one post from August, Buls shared a YouTube video of a cardiologist testifying before a Senate committee in Texas who said there is no reason for healthy people under 50 years old or those who have recovered from COVID to be vaccinated against the virus. The post was flagged by independent fact checkers for including false information.  

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