University of Minnesota-Crookston sees fall enrollment decline

According to data released by the University of Minnesota Board of Regents, fall 2021 enrollment at UMC is 2,304, a decrease of 226 students compared to last fall. Administrators at UMC say there are a few different factors involved in the decline, including pandemic fatigue and the abundance of jobs.

“Our enrollment numbers are very consistent with those across our region,” said Mary Holz-Clause, chancellor of UMC. “Many potential students have decided to go into the workforce, while others are just COVID-weary and are taking this year off.”

Last fall at UMC there were 2,503 students enrolled at the college. Of those, 1,092 were enrolled in online study, while 662 studied in person. In fall 2021, 952 students are studying online with 622 studying on campus.

Going back to 2016, when 896 students were on campus, in-person student numbers have trended down, while online students tracked in the opposite direction. Holz-Clause attributed last fall’s peak number of online students to the pandemic. The number of online students in fall 2021 is a break in that trend.

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