Understanding the delta variant, vaccines and breakthrough cases in Minnesota

On Friday, Sept. 10, alone, the state reported 2,050 new infections and nearly 700 hospitalizations. There were also 18 more deaths.

“Vaccination against the delta variant still remains highly effective,” Dr. John O’Horo, a Mayo Clinic infectious diseases expert, said during a recent news conference. “Even though there are reports of breakthrough cases, they tend to be far less severe and far less frequent.”

O’Horo added that states with higher rates of vaccination have not been hit as hard by the delta strain as those with lower rates.

President Joe Biden recently announced vaccines will be mandatory for about 100 million residents who work for the federal government or larger employers. A Centers for Disease Control and Prevention study released Friday found unvaccinated people are 11 times more likely to die of a coronavirus infection than those who are vaccinated.

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Here’s the latest on vaccine safety, efficacy and breakthrough cases:

What is the rate of breakthrough infections?

It’s hard to tell for sure. In early summer, before the delta variant was as prevalent, Minnesota health officials said nearly

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