UND holds first forum for new police chief

Rodney Clark, one of four finalist candidates for UND’s chief of police and associate vice president of public safety, spoke at a forum on campus on Monday, July 19, and discussed his background and experience. Clark said issues related to mental health far exceed serious violent crimes on campuses, and officers need to be in the position to show students where to get help.

“I see a lot of a lot of university police in helping students is making contact with them and then being a bridge to other resources, to say ‘Hey did you know about this?’” Clark said.

When it comes to handling certain situations on campus, rallies or protests for example, Clark said his policy is to try to de-escalate, and not rely solely on the “hard edge of the law.” Dealing with a protest, he said, means having a presence not an overpresence.

“Give people their space,” he said.

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Clark presented to attendees of the forum, outlining his concerns of the issues campus police officers face, and called mental illness the “No. 1

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