Unabomber: 25th anniversary of Ted Kaczynski's arrest in Lincoln


Exactly 25 years ago on April 3, 1996, the lives of everyone in the isolated little community of Lincoln would be thrown into the white-hot glare of the international media spotlight.

A bearded loner who often biked around town was arrested at his ramshackle cabin that day by FBI agents. The world would soon have an insatiable curiosity about how Theodore Kaczynski had undertaken a murderous mail-bombing campaign from this rural Montana outpost. 

A throng of media congregate on Stemple Pass Road a few days after Theodore Kaczynski’s arrest in April 1996. 

TOM BAUER, Missoulian

He was “The Unabomber” to people reading the New York Times, but to everyone in Lincoln he was “Ted,” the guy who ate rabbits and lived without power or running water.

In the days that followed, Lincoln residents were stunned to learn that it was Ted who had killed three people and severely injured 23 more in a nationwide terror campaign between 1978 and 1995. Kaczynski’s victims would open a package from their mailbox, only to find themselves blown to bits or suffering from

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