UM summer classes keep campus busy

Griffen Smith

Inside the fourth floor of the chemistry building, University of Montana students are giving up some of their summer  to head back to the classroom.

Students quietly mixed together solutions in the back room and peered over lab worksheets in small groups Wednesday, looking to get ahead in one of chemistry’s most difficult classes.

With 10-week and the first of two five-week sessions underway, more than 3,000 students are taking summer classes at UM. The head count, roughly the same as in 2021, continues an enrollment wave that started in the fall of 2021.

“We just have a lot of cool and unique programs,” said Julie Cahill, director of UM’s summer program, who was brought on in January. “Summer seems like ‘well, maybe I will dip my toe back into higher education.’”

Since 2017, summer enrollment has gone up 20%, according to Dave Kuntz, director of strategic communications at UM.

There are more than 800 courses offered at the university. More than 200 are online only; others are internship or thesis study credits. Summer 2020 had the most students taking classes, with 3,150.

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