UM Issues Timely Warning on Drug Related Aggravated Assault

The University of Montana issued a Timely Warning on Monday afternoon about a drug-related aggravated assault that allegedly occurred in a UM residence hall in the early morning hours of Sunday, September 12.

University of Montana Police Chief Brad Giffin spoke to KGVO News moments after the Timely Alert was issued and said the report did not come directly through the UM Police Department.

“We have what are called Campus Security authorities over here,” said Chief Giffin. “They’re people other than the police that can receive a report, and some of those folks received a report from someone who believed that they were suffering from the effects of being drugged or ‘roofied’. So with that report, once it was forwarded to us, we have an obligation under Cleary (the Cleary Act) to put up that information. It’s an open investigation, so I don’t have a lot more than that to share with you right now. Other than that, the victim is reporting that they believe that they were drugged, and that there was a drug facilitated assault.”

Chief Giffin expanded on the circumstances and the possible charges that may be involved in the alleged incident.

“So the allegation is that it occurred over the

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