UM Education Professor Optimistic about Students Return to Class

University of Montana faculty members Jingjing Sun and Allison Wilson from the Phyllis J. Washington College of Education have worked extensively in the field of child development and have kept close watch on the events of the past year.

Professor Wilson spoke to KGVO on Wednesday about her specialty, early education and the results of the pandemic on schoolchildren, and that she is optimistic about children returning to full time classes.

“It’s just a really exciting time as we transition back to school and full time face to face instruction,” said Wilson. “Some children have been going hybrid on and off, and I think especially for our teachers, there’s been a lot that they’ve learned. There have been really exciting and really fantastic online opportunities, but I think even as we transition back to face to face.”

Wilson acknowledged that younger children have had the most difficult adjustment as they participated in online education.

“Certainly for our youngest learners, I think that it was probably the biggest struggle just because we know that best practices through ‘hands on’ really engaged learning works best through social peer to peer groups,” she said. “However, I do think that our teachers have been absolutely amazing and creative

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