UM adds new bus route to better meet demand

University of Montana’s bus service, UDASH, will add a fifth route this school year to better meet continuing demand near university apartments.

Students voted to increase the Associated Students of University of Montana (ASUM) transportation fee for the hiring of more bus drivers this April.

“ASUM Transportation takes seriously the feedback it receives from its students,” Transportation Director Vickie Rectenwald said. “This new route was planned after hearing from students that the Red Line was often too crowded. Additionally, members of the campus community expressed a desire for bus service access to the east side of (the main campus). Because the ASUM Transportation fee increase passed last spring, UDASH was able to hire enough drivers to prepare for this new expanded service for the upcoming fall semester.”

The new route, known as the Blue Line, will begin the first day of fall semester on Aug. 28. It will start at student apartments at the Lewis & Clark Village Transfer Center to the Dornblaser Park & Ride down Arthur Avenue, and to the UM Transit Hub, similar to the Red Line route. It will then continue to Campus Drive, stopping at the Montana Museum of Art and Culture, the University Center and the Science

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