Ukrainian native, art student raising money for documentary project

Sasha Barrett moved from Ukraine to Boise when he was 10.

The University of Montana graduate student has visited home since then. His trip this summer has taken on extra urgency. He wants to make a documentary about artists and their experiences during the war with Russia.

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Barrett’s fundraiser is at

On First Friday, he’s going to have a pop-up ceramic sale at the Lovechild Gallery, located at 422 W. Spruce St.

“I know it’s special that I’m going there,” he said. “I’ve gone there many times. I just want to capture it as much as possible. … I’m going there with the country changed forever, and I’m corresponding with a lot of artists that are working there, that continue their studio practice. I’m interested in talking to them.”

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“War is a catalyst,” he said, that will change everything, including art, “when your city is occupied by an enemy force.”

In following the developments, he said many people’s art is incredible, albeit different, and in some cases “their content changed completely.”

He’s raising money on GoFundMe (see box) to help with the expenses. He envisions a short documentary — perhaps

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