Ugly Depp-Heard spectacle ends with a pyrrhic victory for Captain Jack

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If ever there was a pyrrhic victory – a win that comes at enormous cost– this is it. Yes, Johnny Depp won all three of his defamation claims against Amber Heard, while she won only one.  And quantitatively, he was awarded more money: $10 million to her $2 million.

But in the end, they both destroyed each other.  They came across as miserable, insufferable, and vindictive people who hated each other so much that they decided to exploit the justice system to exact revenge.

A screenshot of Johnny Depp laughing and chatting with his lawyer, Ben Chew, while Ellen Barkin’s pre-recorded deposition was played for jurors at his defamation trial against Amber Heard.  (screenshot )

The trial inside a Virginia courtroom ended, blessedly, on Wednesday. The dual verdicts closed a ridiculous spectacle that endured for an agonizing seven weeks. The fact that the public could not get enough of this “pageant of horribles” is a sad commentary on America’s voyeuristic obsessions.


If either litigant thought that a trial would somehow restore their already-tattered reputations, they were mistaken.  The brute ugliness of what spilled out in court further sullied them

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