Two traveling exhibits on display at Montana Military Museum


The Montana Military Museum at historic Fort William Henry Harrison is featuring two major exhibits, “The GI Bill” and “The Colors of Our Country” until the end of June.

The exhibits celebrate the 1944 Servicemen’s Readjustment Act. It is open to the public.

The act, also known as the G.I. Bill, was signed into law by President Franklin D. Roosevelt on June 22, 1944. 

It provided World War II veterans with funds for college education, unemployment insurance and housing. It put higher education within the reach of millions of World War II veterans and later military conflicts.

The GI Bill exhibit was built in New Orleans in 2017 as an initiative to celebrate the American Legion 100th Anniversary and to educate people about one of the country’s greatest achievements during that century.

The first venue for display was at the National WW II Museum in New Orleans in June 2017. It is permanently installed at the Indiana War Memorial Museum in Indianapolis.

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A smaller, more portable version was built for short-term engagements and has also gone to Student Veterans of America conventions, festivals, museums, and multiple times in the U.S.

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