Twitter hearing reveals incredible reality about who really defends free speech

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Imagine Republicans holding a hearing where they called prominent journalists by the term, “so-called journalists,” mocked them for working in a “threesome” and tried to get them to reveal their sources. 

Only it wasn’t Republicans making those attacks. It was the Democrats on the House Judiciary subcommittee impugning the integrity of journalist witnesses, while Republicans defended a free press. Honest liberals must have had their heads spinning. (Yes, there are honest liberals. Read on!) 

In one especially putrid moment, Ranking Member Del. Stacey Plaskett slammed the two journalists testifying in a way almost hard to imagine. “Mr. Chairman, I am not exaggerating when I say that you have called before you two witnesses who pose a direct threat to people who oppose them.” 

She wasn’t talking about Jeffrey Dahmer or Henry Lee Lucas, she was talking about two people who report news. The only threat the two journalists, Matt Taibbi and Michael Shellenberger, pose is that they are revealing the corrupt censorship committed by people in power. That’s what Plaskett was terrified about. 


Taibbi got the better of her criticism of his credentials. “Ranking member Plaskett,” he

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