Tucker: This is the position of the passive-aggressive party

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It’s pretty hard to argue with people who are passive-aggressive. You may have tried it before. “Why are you so angry?” they scream. “Stop being violent,” they snarl as they punch you in the face. Passive-aggressive people are intent on dominating you, but they’re too dishonest to admit it.  

Now, it’s not an honorable style of attack, but it’s very effective, mostly because it’s so bewildering. The Democratic Party practices this. Democrats will never meet you on an open field of battle. Instead, they will sneak up behind you and knock you unconscious with a bag of sanctimony. This is the party of weak men and angry women, so passive aggression is their only mode of communication. If you’ve ever seen one of Jen Psaki’s press conferences, you know exactly what we’re talking about. 

We watched one of them yesterday, in fact. It was her last. Peter Doocy asked Psaki what the administration thinks of the fact that liberal groups have posted the home addresses of conservative Supreme Court justices on the internet. Now, why are they doing this? Well, it’s obvious why they’re doing it and no one denies why they’re doing

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