Tucker: This is the cause of the baby formula crisis

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At a press conference back on March 24th of this year, Joe Biden announced that thanks to the regime change war he’s decided to voluntarily wage in Eastern Europe, our country—the United States—will soon face food shortages.  

Food shortages are “going to be real,” Biden said. Now, the reporters in the room dutifully transcribed the words and wrote their stories, but you may have missed it. You may not have even heard this because there weren’t a lot of follow-up pieces about these man-made food shortages that Joe Biden was predicting and that’s weird, if you think about it, because food shortages are inherently a big deal. You could argue they’re even more significant than, say, a slap fight between actors at an award ceremony. 

Food shortages are historic events. They overturn societies. They bring down empires, they often have. If you’ve got food shortages, you’ve got a potentially destabilizing problem on your hands and now we do have food shortages. They’re real, as Joe Biden predicted. As of tonight, at least 26 states are reporting that half their retail stores are completely out of baby formula. That would include the states of

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