Tucker: Roe is the most embarrassing court decision handed down in the last century

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If you listen carefully to the leaders of the Democratic Party — and we do  — you would think America was built on a single court decision from 1973. 

The very same people who consider the Bill of Rights a racist relic, quickly dismissed out of hand, those same people quickly become emotional as they describe the sublime beauty of Roe v. Wade. Yesterday, when a Democratic officeholder described the Roe decision as “sacred” and it’s not an overstatement. For many Democrats, it is sacred. They will tell you and they mean it, that this country cannot continue. Without Roe, darkness will descend. America will revert to slavery and cannibalism and other varieties of Hobbesian misery so gruesome they’re best left on described.  

Between a bright new tomorrow and the hell of “The Handmaid’s Tale,” stands only Roe v. Wade. They’re telling you that on channels right now across the spectrum. It’s all pretty bewildering if you consider what Roe v. Wade actually is and that is true no matter what you think of abortion itself, whether you’re strongly for legal abortion. The decision, as a decision, Roe v. Wade is a widely

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