Tucker: Karine Jean-Pierre is furious at America, despite her ample privilege

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So, if you’re the White House press secretary – and thank God you’re not – but if you were, you would have two tasks every day. You’ve got to learn the president’s views on what’s happening in the world so you can repeat them, and then you’ve got to try to remember the names of those weird-looking people sitting in the folding chairs in the briefing room. 

So, it’s not an easy job, but it’s not a very rewarding one, either. You’re not making policy. You’re not making decisions. You’re repeating the party line. 

Under normal circumstances, it takes a lot more creativity to, say, sell lipstick for L’Oreal than it does to be White House press secretary. They’re all worn out by the end, except under Joe Biden. It’s a totally different job under Joe Biden. The rules have changed. If you’re Joe Biden’s press secretary, you’ve got to be able to think on the fly because your boss can’t. So, every time Biden goes outside, you’re going to be called upon to translate what he said or explain what he really meant, assuming for the sake of argument that he really meant anything

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