Tucker: Inflation is too obvious to deny

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Usually when there is a scandal or a crisis in this country, the people who are responsible for it respond to it by averting their gaze. They just ignore it on the principle that if you don’t see something, it can’t bother you.

“What opioid crisis?” That usually works. But if it doesn’t work and people start to complain about what they’ve done, our leaders just move to the next stage and deny it’s even happening. Racist curricula in your kid’s school? Come on, there’s no such thing. You’re a conspiracy nut. Better call the DOJ.  

Mandatory COVID vaccines that don’t actually work as advertised? Please, you’re just imagining it. You must be an anti-vaxxer. U.S.-funded bio labs in Ukraine? Shut up, traitor, that’s pure Russian disinformation and so on. They do this with everything because it almost always works. You may be the injured party in whatever disaster they’ve managed to cook up, but by the time The Washington Post gets done explaining it, you’re a criminal for noticing it happened. It’s very effective.

Unfortunately for them, it doesn’t work with inflation. Inflation is just too obvious to deny. Everybody knows when inflation

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