Tucker Carlson: Why are we still talking about this?

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As you may have heard, this is the anniversary of January 6th, and in commemoration of that, we have donned the official network-approved solemn anchor outfit: white shirt, muted tie, message reverence. But actually, if you take three steps back as historical events go—if we’re being honest now—January 6th, barely rates as a footnote, really, not a lot happened that day. If you think about it, the presidential election was not overturned, the Capitol was not destroyed. The government wasn’t toppled. No matter what you may have heard, not a single elected official was injured, thank God. Police got shoved. Unfortunately, punches were thrown. But the only person who wound up dead from violence was an unarmed protester who was shot to death without warning by a cop. None of the so-called insurrectionists had guns. When was the last time you saw an insurrection like that?

So looking back, you could probably call what happened on January 6th a riot, we have called it that, but really only just a riot, maybe just barely. By recent standards, it was an embarrassingly tepid effort. No one even bothered to set a fire or spray

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