Tucker Carlson: While leaders disarm you, they are busy decriminalizing serious crimes

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We have not brought you enough on this story that you may know from its outlines. For the past two months, 25 million people in Shanghai, China, one of the biggest cities in the world, have been trapped inside their homes.  

On the basis of what it claims is a COVID risk, but it’s clearly purely political, the Chinese government has locked them in – can’t get out. Anyone suspected of being sick has been shipped to a squalid quarantine camp, sometimes without running water, and then to make the humiliation complete, police collected household pets, tore them from their owner’s hands, and beat them to death in the streets, claiming that dogs and cats somehow spread disease.  

Anyone who complained about this got a very clear answer from the government, which was broadcast at full volume from drones circling overhead. They said, “Control your soul’s desire for freedom.” So, people did. They had no choice. That’s what life is like in an authoritarian society and not just in China, also in New Zealand. Less than a year ago, the left-wing New Zealand government shut down the entire country over a single COVID case.

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