Tucker Carlson: What's the difference in crime between Colbert staffers and Jan 6 protesters?

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So last Thursday, last week on Thursday, talk show host Stephen Colbert dispatched a group of seven of his employees to Washington, D.C. Their job? Break into the U.S. Capitol complex and harass lawmakers inside. So, the group dutifully arrived in the afternoon and were met almost immediately by uniformed Capitol Hill police officers who threw them out. But apparently on orders from Colbert, they returned.  

At about 4 p.m. on Thursday, the group reentered the building. Accounts vary as to what exactly happened next, but it seems clear that Colbert’s employees were led inside by an ally within the building, that would be a freshman member of Congress from Massachusetts called Jake Auchincloss.  

Once on federal property, Colbert’s employees did what they came to do, which was disrupt the business of Congress, and apparently they were not subtle about doing it. They pounded on doors and yelled. Whatever they did, it got people’s attention. It takes an awful lot for a police force controlled by Nancy Pelosi to arrest a group of left-wing entertainment figures, but that’s exactly what happened next. Capitol Hill police arrested seven Colbert employees and brought them

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