Tucker Carlson: What Fauci's COVID infection means

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Tony Fauci is back in the news. One thing few people know about Fauci, when he says he knows medicine, he’s definitely right. He’s been around for a long time. Tony Fauci graduated from medical school almost six years ago. He’s 81. That means he’s three years older than the average life expectancy of an American man. It means he’s 16 years past the age at which the average physician in this country retires. 

We’re not calling Tony Fauci old, but at this point, he’s probably not buying any long-term municipal bonds. If you were his investment adviser, you’d tell him to day trade. Yet, Tony Fauci is still working. In fact, he’s one of the longest-serving employees in the entire federal government. He’s almost certainly the highest-paid. Why is that? Because Tony Fauci is that good. The term “national treasure” comes to mind.  

Decent people understand that. Drive through any neighborhood with high concentrations of college-educated professionals with desperately unhappy personal lives and you will see the yard signs shrines erected in Fauci’s honor. “Thank you, Dr. Fauci!” they read, capped with a perky little exclamation point with a heart at the

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