TUCKER CARLSON: This lie could get millions of Americans killed

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The frustrating thing about the news media, no matter how horrible they are, is that you need them. You can’t understand the world except through the news media. That’s where all of our information comes from. We can’t really change that at this point, but we can go into it with open eyes. 

You should know that the thing about reading the news is, even when it’s not intentionally dishonest and often it is, no matter what the intent of it, the first draft of the story that you read is always wrong — not sometimes wrong — always wrong, occasionally in small ways, sometimes in big and utterly distorting ways: “Dewey defeats Truman. Iraq has nukes. Russia bombed its own pipeline.” Stories like this are laughably untrue. They are an inversion of the truth, which inevitably emerges later and at times it’s unintentional. They just made a mistake. They got it wrong, but more often on the big stories, the ones that change policy, they are lying on purpose.  

How do you know whether they’re lying on purpose or whether they just got it wrong by accident? Well, when the story trends on

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