TUCKER CARLSON: This is bigger than just a story about classified documents

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You may not remember a whole lot about it, but the second and final presidential debate between Joe Biden and Donald Trump is actually a fascinating piece of history. And it’s well worth rewatching. We actually did it today because we had time off. 

Now, Trump showed up with a political killshot. He had proof that Joe Biden had been selling access to the US government to hostile foreign regimes. Trump knew that, and we know it from the contents of Hunter Biden’s laptop.

But Joe Biden, as you may recall, did not even respond. That’s “Russian disinformation,” he said. And then he went on the offense. “Show us your tax returns,” Biden demanded. “Show us your tax returns.” And, of course, Trump refused. Biden, by contrast, already set up a website called Joe Biden.com to showcase his own recent tax returns because he had nothing to hide. Unlike Donald Trump, you can trust Joe Biden. That was the message.

Now, why are we telling you this tonight? Why are we dredging up history? Well, we’re doing it because two years later, the roles have reversed in a bewildering and pretty remarkable and kind of

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