Tucker Carlson: The world we live in cannot last, but that's not necessarily a tragedy

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One of the weirdest features in modern life has to be how we’ve all been trained to ignore the things that really matter. You might have wondered — to pick just one of many examples — why hundreds of thousands of your fellow Americans seem to be living in squalor on the sidewalk. How did that happen? These are the so-called homeless. Drugs have destroyed their lives. So where are those drugs come from, exactly? And why is no one asking? And speaking of chemicals, men in America seem very different from what they used to be. Anyone over 40 knows this, the changes are dramatic you can’t help but notice. Could those changes have something to do with the unprecedented drop in testosterone levels that scientists have measured repeatedly? And by the way, if that’s happening, why is it happening, and so on? 

There’s so many questions like this. We rarely talk about any of them. Instead, we’re told repeatedly to avert our gaze from the obvious and turn instead to CNN’s latest fixation. Whether it’s a Chinese flu virus, or George Floyd, or some forgettable border dispute in eastern Ukraine. These

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