Tucker Carlson: The US is in a recession, the economy has been shrinking all year

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It didn’t take long. It took, well, about a year and a half for the Biden administration to destroy the American economy and drive this nation into a recession. Now, the Biden administration won’t admit that we’re in a recession. In fact, they’ve actually redefined the word “recession” just as they’ve redefined the words “democracy,” “racism” and “woman,” but you don’t need to know what the word is to know what is happening. If you live here, you see it every single day.  

We’re in a recession. The economy has been shrinking all year. Real wages are at record lows and at the same time, inflation is the highest it’s been in the lifetime of most Americans. So, call it whatever you want, but it’s a recession and it’s scary and they’re ignoring it. We’re going to spend the next hour investigating how exactly this happened. How did they tank the economy so fast and what does it mean? 

To get to the answers to those questions, we’re going to speak to people who have actual credibility on economics and that emphatically does not include our most highly credentialed economists, people who, like

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