Tucker Carlson: The price of US gas now qualifies as a catastrophe

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Here’s one rule we try to follow. You probably should distrust anybody who draws quick and dirty partisan conclusions in the hours after a national disaster. You see this happen all the time. People on TV, for example, telling you the gun lobby is somehow responsible for the latest school shooting, even as the ambulances are still arriving or how climate change caused those tornadoes at a trailer park in Indiana. Bill Nye the Science Guy blaming your pickup truck for extreme weather.

These are not people who are speaking in good faith. They’re not trying to solve problems. They’re not even interested in what actually happened. They’re lying, they’re unscrupulous, and they will say anything if they think it’ll make them more powerful. So it’s best to ignore them.

On the other hand, and this is also true over time, it is possible to draw legitimate connections between decisions that politicians make and the catastrophes that follow. The rising gas prices, for example. The price of gas in America now qualifies as a catastrophe. That’s true. No matter how you feel about carbon emissions, you still probably assumed you’d be able to afford

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