TUCKER CARLSON: The most powerful people in the world are always telling you they're victims

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The concept of a presidential library, a shrine to a former president, is a relatively new idea. For the first 150 years of this country’s existence, presidents didn’t have lavish monuments built to commemorate their rule. The whole notion would have repulsed the men who waged a war with a monarchy to build this country, but starting with FDR, of course, presidential libraries became customary and they’ve gradually transformed from that — from libraries — into multimillion dollar temples to hubris.  

The most recent ex-president to get his very own temple and the biggest of all, of course, is Barack Obama. The total cost of his library clocks in at about half a billion dollars. Construction began last year when Obama demanded that his donors pay for it, but today, construction of the temple was halted because of an emergency. No, not a fire, not a lightning strike. 

According to the construction company working on the library: “This morning, we were informed that an act of hate was discovered at the project site,” and you knew the act of hate was serious because the media went all in. They devoted a lot of

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