Tucker Carlson: The Democratic Party is redefining opposition as terrorism

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Thursday, we interviewed one of the people the Biden administration charged with sedition. The man’s name is Thomas Caldwell. The Justice Department claims that Caldwell was inside the Capitol building on Jan. 6. Caldwell insists emphatically that he was not. At some point, a jury will decide who is lying about that. 

For now, the rest of us, though, are free to ponder. A bigger question: Is Thomas Caldwell a seditionist? Is he an enemy of this nation? On Jan. 6, was Thomas Caldwell trying to overthrow the U.S. government by force? That’s a pretty hard case to make. 

Caldwell’s indictment paints him as a dangerous militia leader who is planning a sort of D-Day invasion on the banks of the Potomac. The real Thomas Caldwell does not fit that description. Caldwell is a senior citizen who walks with a cane. He’s a devout Christian. Try to picture Thomas Caldwell leading a bloodthirsty band of insurgents. You can’t, because he didn’t. 

Like every protester that day, Caldwell arrived at the event unarmed, and like the overwhelming majority, he committed no acts of violence. The Justice Department claims that Caldwell sought to overthrow the American system, but

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