TUCKER CARLSON: The Biden administration sees bank crisis as a means of expanding their control

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It has been 15 years since the global financial crisis of 2008 –  a long time – but it hasn’t gone away. 

Its consequences, in fact, still define our world. Why is the U.S. government so deeply in debt? How does Wall Street get so much money? What do they do exactly? Why are housing prices so high? Why do our leaders stoke racial conflict? Why have so many Americans concluded that their system is rigged? In every case, the answers to those questions is the same. It all began in 2008. Now, 2008 and its aftermath is a complex story, but let’s just sum up in the broadest possible terms what happened.  

Big financial institutions took foolish risks and nearly blew up the entire U.S. economy. We knew right away what had happened and who did it, but nobody was ever punished. The reckless bankers responsible got off; so did the politicians who encouraged the reckless bankers to be reckless. Nobody went to jail. Nobody was even banished from the industry. In fact, some of the wrongdoers even got their bonuses that year. So, we had an economic collapse, but it didn’t

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