Tucker Carlson: The American economy is currently a disaster

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You think you’ve got a tough job? Imagine being Joe Biden’s handlers. You spend all day trying to keep the guy away from hot mics. That’s not easy. Biden feels about microphones the way golden retrievers feel about casseroles. Leave one on a low table and he pounces on it and that’s not good for anyone. Biden could declare war on Russia or tell Israeli officials to “keep alive the honor of the Holocaust,” both of which, by the way, he’s actually done. 

So, there’s never any upside in letting Joe Biden speak in public, but unfortunately for the White House, sometimes you don’t have a choice. Disasters happen and when they do, the public expects somebody to pretend to be president. The American economy is currently a disaster. Therefore, Joe Biden had to talk, so his aides dutifully let him out to the podium today to say something edifying about it. What happened next has got to be one of the weirdest presidential briefings ever conducted.  

New economic numbers show our GDP has declined for two quarters in a row. That’s the definition of a recession. We’re in a recession. That’s why

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