Tucker Carlson shreds Biden over the border crisis: 'It's all his fault'

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We’ll admit it up front. We can’t get off this Martha’s Vineyard story because there’s just so much there. So last week, you’ll recall, our Venezuelan visitors to this country, our brothers and sisters as they’re now known on CNN, took what amounted to the shortest vacation ever recorded to Martha’s Vineyard. They were on that island for just hours, less than two full days. It was hardly enough time to pick up a Fair Trade coffee at Mocha Mott’s in Vineyard Haven or go kiteboarding on South Beach.  

In fact, we have literally been talking about their trip longer than it lasted. It was that brief. On the other hand, so was the moon landing, so was the Wright Brothers first flight at Kitty Hawk. Duration is no measure of effect. Those brief hours our Venezuelan brothers and sisters spent on Martha’s Vineyard changed history and left what they’re calling an “indelible mark” on the people who live there. “They enriched us,” said one resident. “We were happy to help them on their journey.” 

Unfortunately, as it turned out, that journey ended abruptly at a military base on Cape Cod, where our Venezuelan

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