TUCKER CARLSON: Sheila Jackson Lee has devoted her life to shrieking about White racism

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Sheila Jackson Lee is famous in Washington for being the single most obnoxious member of Congress. Now, that’s a title that, as you can imagine, has many contenders, but Sheila Jackson Lee stands alone. Don’t you know who I am? she once screamed at a flight attendant in the first-class cabin on a Continental flight. I am Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee. Where is my seafood meal? 

In the 1990s, during a visit to NASA, Sheila Jackson Lee demanded to see the flag that astronauts had planted on Mars. When gently informed that no human being has ever been to Mars because it’s very far away, Lee flew into a rage. She accused NASA of racism and pointed out her membership on the “science committee” in Congress and so on. We could spend the entire hour on Sheila Jackson Lee stories and it’s tempting.  

On Capitol Hill, she’s known as the queen and not in a good way, but what’s interesting is that nobody ever talks about the congressional district that Sheila Jackson Lee supposedly represents. It’s mostly inner-city Houston and it could use some help. Lee’s district has a poverty rate almost twice

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