Tucker Carlson: Republican leaders are siding with Joe Biden

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Joe Biden is the weakest, most unpopular leader of our lifetime. He’s also the most destructive. Now, that’s not a partisan assessment. That’s not the opinion of a right-wing talk show. That is the view of the overwhelming majority of American voters.  

Biden’s malicious ineptitude is so overwhelming that it is single-handedly changing American politics and everywhere there are signs of it, signs of a massive generational realignment taking shape, taking shape in response to the disasters this administration has created. The old coalitions are crumbling before our eyes. Suddenly we’re seeing Hispanic voters, African and Middle Eastern immigrants, as well as huge numbers of Americanborn young men, all running at remarkable speed from Joe Biden and the anti-human corporate neoliberalism he represents.  

Nowhere is this trend more obvious than in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas. That’s a place which for generations has been a Democratic Party stronghold. As recently as 2018, a Democrat called Henry Cuellar won his district in south Texas with fully 84% of the vote. His district is 80% Hispanic and for decades that meant it went Democrat. But then last cycle, that began to change. Two

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