Tucker Carlson: Only a society that hates children would allow this

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If you’re used to thinking of Canada as our slightly dorky Arctic cousin, literally the last nation on earth where the mullet is considered a legitimate haircut, the country where American fads go to die and of course you are used to thinking all of that about Canada because it’s long been true, it’s time to think again.  

Suddenly, out of nowhere, Canada, of all places, is a leading indicator. As the woke revolution spreads across the West, Canada is at the vanguard of it. Under Justin Trudeau, Canada has done everything to the maximum possible extent. It has criminalized political speech. It has banned self-defense. It’s used the power of the state to squelch Christianity, all of it. So, if you want to know what’s going to happen next in the United States, it’s time to look north. Canada is the ghost of our Christmas future. 

So, with that in mind, it’s worth taking a look at what is happening right now in Canada’s schools, because you are certain to see all of it in your children’s schools very soon. This week, video surfaced on the Internet from a place called Trafalgar

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