Tucker Carlson on Kamala Harris: It's time to reassess our view

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The true measure of character, a wise man once said, it’s not whether you make a mistake – all of us do – but whether you learn from that mistake. With those words in mind, we’d like to begin tonight with an admission. It’s contrition night on Fox News. It is time to reassess our view of Kamala Harris.  

Now, if you watch the show, you know that for more than a year now, we’ve had a pretty conventional understanding of this country’s first Black/Indian/part Canadian vice president who also happens to identify as a woman. Now, we’ve assumed that Kamala Harris was historically unpopular because she’s historically incompetent and fake. We assume she earned her low approval numbers. We’re not alone in that. Lots of other people have come to the very same conclusion.  d

There’s currently a debate among software engineers about whether Harris is even of biological origin or instead the product of a classified government A.I. project gone wrong. We don’t know the answer, but we certainly understand the question. She’s that synthetic. So again, until the other day, we assumed that people don’t like Kamala Harris because she’s highly

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