Tucker Carlson: Media and Big Tech lied about the Kyle Rittenhouse case – here's the truth

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People are totally absorbed in the Kyle Rittenhouse trial, and you have to ask, why is that? Why is it so fascinating? Well, part of the reason it’s just so interesting is because the facts are so different from what we’ve been told for more than a year, completely different. And it’s shocking to compare reality against the version of reality we’ve been force-fed. 

Here’s one example. Just days after Rittenhouse was first arrested, that was back in August of 2020, a pro-censorship organization called PolitiFact published what it called a fact check of the case. In a posting on its website, PolitiFact claimed that Kyle Rittenhouse had committed a crime by carrying a firearm in the state of Wisconsin. Here’s the quote. “It is against the law in Wisconsin for someone younger than 18 to possess a dangerous weapon. Period.” 

Now you notice in that statement complete unwavering certainty, and this is common for PolitiFact, which issues opinions like they’re edicts from God himself. They do this because the social media companies use PolitiFact edicts as a pretext to censor any speech online that contradicts the official line of the Democratic Party. The

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