Tucker Carlson: Martha's Vineyard residents are so proud of the way they handled migrants

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Martha’s Vineyard is an idyllic spot in the Atlantic Ocean off Massachusetts, but for decades now, people in Martha’s Vineyard have been pining for diversity. We need more diversity. We need more diversity. Well, diversity finally arrived, sent on a jet plane by Ron DeSantis and the second diversity arrived, the locals, the ones who pined for diversity, called the army and had diversity shipped to a military base where apparently diversity belongs. People were not too upset at Martha’s Vineyard as diversity was led away to a military base. Watch. 

CNN VIDEO: “Those are cheers in Martha’s Vineyard this morning, just before migrants boarded buses to go on to joint base Cape Cod.”

The Brown people are leaving. We’re so excited. Go, Brown people, go. Don’t come home. If you’re not my housekeeper, get off the island. So, it may seem like they’re bigots. I mean, what’s the other conclusion? But no, according to CNN, they’re just grateful. They were clapping in gratitude for Ron DeSantis and what he did, the gift that he gave them. Here’s an actual CNN headline

We didn’t believe this was real, but it is and we’re quoting:”‘They enriched

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