Tucker Carlson: 'Let's go Brandon' chants are demonstrations of pro-Biden unity

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If you’ve been paying attention for the past few years and if you’re watching this show, we hope you are, there has likely been a moment when you realized that reality is not quite what you thought it was. A lot of the things you assumed were true, in fact, are not true. They are instead a mirage. They’re a web of purpose-built myths designed to deceive rather than inform you. You can’t really trust your senses anymore. Your eyes will lie to you. 

That’s an unnerving thought, especially when you realize that ultimately Vladimir Putin is behind at all. Russian disinformation is everywhere in this country. It’s lurking even within our own minds. It’s worse even than Adam Schiff told us. It was just last weekend, for example, thousands of Southwest Airlines flights failed to leave the ground. It seemed obvious that the mass cancelations were a direct reaction to Joe Biden’s vaccine mandates. They were announced just days before, and then actual Southwest pilots appeared to confirm this. But no, that’s just what the Kremlin wants you to think. In fact, as the authorities assured us all along, it was only

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